This year we have been so lucky to capture not only Angela & Jason’s special day, but also Angela’s brothers wedding as well (you can see that wedding by clicking here). We truly adore their family and friends and have loved photographing both of their special days. For Angela and Jason’s wedding we traveled to East Lansing and happen to have the perfect day for weather. The couple started out by doing a first look/reveal on campus and it was beautiful. We loved seeing Jason’s reaction to seeing his beautiful bride-t0-be! Afterwards the happy couple joined up with their bridal party for some portraits around campus and then it was off to prep for their ceremony. The MSU alumni chapel was not only beautiful, but it also held importance to Jason because his parents were married there years ago as well. During their unplugged ceremony the guest were able to take all the wonderful moments enjoy and sit back and enjoy what was going on. Since all the portraits were done prior to the ceremony the bride & groom went right from saying “I do” to enjoying cocktail hour with their guests. The reception was an absolute blast with wonderful music, delicious food, and a fantastic location. We especially loved borrowing the newlyweds away for a few moments of sunset photos–and oh what a glorious sunset it was! HUGE thanks again to Mr. & Mrs. Baumhover for being so wonderful and allowing us to capture all the magic. Enjoy!

Michigan State Wedding_0001Michigan State Wedding_0002Michigan State Wedding_0003Michigan State Wedding_0004Michigan State Wedding_0005Michigan State Wedding_0006Michigan State Wedding_0007Michigan State Wedding_0008Michigan State Wedding_0009Michigan State Wedding_0010Michigan State Wedding_0011Michigan State Wedding_0012Michigan State Wedding_0013Michigan State Wedding_0014Michigan State Wedding_0015Michigan State Wedding_0016Michigan State Wedding_0017Michigan State Wedding_0018Michigan State Wedding_0019Michigan State Wedding_0020Michigan State Wedding_0021Michigan State Wedding_0022Michigan State Wedding_0023Michigan State Wedding_0025Michigan State Wedding_0024
Michigan State Wedding_0026Michigan State Wedding_0027Michigan State Wedding_0028Michigan State Wedding_0029Michigan State Wedding_0030Michigan State Wedding_0031Michigan State Wedding_0032Michigan State Wedding_0033Michigan State Wedding_0034Michigan State Wedding_0035Michigan State Wedding_0036Michigan State Wedding_0037Michigan State Wedding_0038Michigan State Wedding_0039Michigan State Wedding_0040Michigan State Wedding_0041Michigan State Wedding_0042Michigan State Wedding_0043Michigan State Wedding_0044Michigan State Wedding_0045Michigan State Wedding_0046Michigan State Wedding_0047Michigan State Wedding_0048Michigan State Wedding_0049Michigan State Wedding_0050Michigan State Wedding_0051Michigan State Wedding_0052Michigan State Wedding_0053Michigan State Wedding_0054Michigan State Wedding_0055Michigan State Wedding_0056Michigan State Wedding_0057Michigan State Wedding_0058Michigan State Wedding_0059Michigan State Wedding_0060Michigan State Wedding_0061Michigan State Wedding_0062Michigan State Wedding_0063Michigan State Wedding_0064Michigan State Wedding_0065Michigan State Wedding_0066Michigan State Wedding_0067Michigan State Wedding_0068Michigan State Wedding_0069Michigan State Wedding_0070Michigan State Wedding_0071

This might be the greatest sign ever made. Thank you Angela and Jason for making our day that much easier and letting your guest truly soak in all the wonderful moments that happened!

Michigan State Wedding_0072Michigan State Wedding_0073Michigan State Wedding_0074Michigan State Wedding_0075Michigan State Wedding_0076Michigan State Wedding_0077Michigan State Wedding_0078Michigan State Wedding_0079Michigan State Wedding_0080Michigan State Wedding_0081Michigan State Wedding_0082Michigan State Wedding_0083Michigan State Wedding_0084Michigan State Wedding_0085Michigan State Wedding_0086

Ceremony: Michigan State University Alumni Chapel

Reception: Hawk Hollow Golf Course

Transportation: Brewer’s Party Bus & Limo

Wedding Planner: Sarah at Entertain You Productions

DJ: Grant at Entertain You Productions

Florist: Smith Floral

Cake Artist: Naomi at Hawk Hollow

Hair & Makeup: Amanda Newton at Salon Vivesta



Justin and Nicole’s wedding was a bit of country with a whole bunch of class.The happy couple both got ready at the church they would marry in. Justin and his groomsmen looked sharp in their suits. The ladies and Nicole were gorgeous in their dresses. Building up to the ceremony there were so many emotions and beautiful moments. It was such a lovely moment watching Justin see his bride for the first time down the aisle. After the newlyweds kissed and made their union official it was off to a special place for them–their camp. The weather may have reached around 90 degrees, but it didn’t stop us or the bridal party from having a great time. Their camp had so many fantastic locations between the apple orchard, barn, and tall trees we truly could have spent all day photographing them there. Once we were finished though we all were off to their wedding reception. So many of their family and friends joined them in the celebration! Between the drinks, dancing, cupcakes, and food it was truly such a wonderful time. We were even lucky enough to borrow the happy couple away for a few more pictures in a nearby field. Thanks again Mr. & Mrs. Madalinski for the lovely day! Enjoy!

Country Chic Wedding_0001Country Chic Wedding_0002Country Chic Wedding_0003Country Chic Wedding_0004Country Chic Wedding_0005Country Chic Wedding_0006Country Chic Wedding_0007Country Chic Wedding_0009Country Chic Wedding_0008
Country Chic Wedding_0010Country Chic Wedding_0011Country Chic Wedding_0012
Country Chic Wedding_0013Country Chic Wedding_0014
Country Chic Wedding_0015Country Chic Wedding_0016Country Chic Wedding_0017Country Chic Wedding_0018Country Chic Wedding_0019Country Chic Wedding_0020Country Chic Wedding_0021Country Chic Wedding_0022Country Chic Wedding_0023Country Chic Wedding_0024Country Chic Wedding_0025Country Chic Wedding_0026Country Chic Wedding_0027Country Chic Wedding_0028Country Chic Wedding_0029Country Chic Wedding_0030Country Chic Wedding_0031Country Chic Wedding_0032Country Chic Wedding_0033Country Chic Wedding_0034Country Chic Wedding_0035Country Chic Wedding_0036Country Chic Wedding_0037Country Chic Wedding_0038Country Chic Wedding_0039Country Chic Wedding_0040Country Chic Wedding_0041Country Chic Wedding_0042Country Chic Wedding_0043
Country Chic Wedding_0045Country Chic Wedding_0044Country Chic Wedding_0046Country Chic Wedding_0047Country Chic Wedding_0048Country Chic Wedding_0049Country Chic Wedding_0050Country Chic Wedding_0051Country Chic Wedding_0052Country Chic Wedding_0053Country Chic Wedding_0054Country Chic Wedding_0055
Country Chic Wedding_0057Country Chic Wedding_0056Country Chic Wedding_0058Country Chic Wedding_0059Country Chic Wedding_0061Country Chic Wedding_0060
Country Chic Wedding_0062Country Chic Wedding_0063Country Chic Wedding_0064Country Chic Wedding_0065Country Chic Wedding_0066Country Chic Wedding_0067Country Chic Wedding_0068Country Chic Wedding_0069Country Chic Wedding_0070Country Chic Wedding_0071Country Chic Wedding_0072Country Chic Wedding_0073Country Chic Wedding_0074Country Chic Wedding_0075Country Chic Wedding_0076Country Chic Wedding_0077Country Chic Wedding_0078Country Chic Wedding_0079Country Chic Wedding_0080Country Chic Wedding_0081Country Chic Wedding_0082Country Chic Wedding_0083

Ceremony: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Reception: Island Resort and Casino

DJ: Double Trouble DJ’s

Transportation: Elite Limo

Florist: Carried Away Floral

Cake Artist: For The Love of Cupcakes

Hair & Makeup: Paige at Salon West Spa



We traveled to Green Bay the night before Jen and Dannah’s wedding and stayed at the bed and breakfast they were getting married at. We woke to a delicious breakfast cooked by the owner of the Astor House and explored the beautiful property. It was easy to see why Jen and Dannah chose that location for their ceremony. Bride 1 & Bride 2 (as stated on the shirts they wore while getting ready) decide to prep in different rooms and have a first look afterwards. It’s such a special moment for couples and we adore capturing it. Afterwards it was go time for the ceremony and the sun was shining down. They set up a unique backdrop of old doors and had a unity candle to lit during the ceremony. As soon as they were pronounced Mrs. & Mrs. the music jammed onto “I’m coming out” by Diana Ross. They visited with their guest, snapped some photos on the property, and then we were off to Marquette for their wedding reception. Between their decorations, food, and drinks their wedding reception was amazing. We especially loved the Friends reference in their cake topper. One of the most unique parts of their celebration was the nacho bar! Guest could either choose between Jen & Dannah’s signature nachos or build their own–they even had dessert nachos. Their day truly was a day of celebration and we were so honored to be able to capture it. Huge congrats again to Jen and Dannah! Enjoy!

Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0001Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0002Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0003Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0004Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0005Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0006Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0007Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0008Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0009Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0011Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0010Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0012Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0013Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0014Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0015Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0016Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0017Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0018Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0019Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0020Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0021Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0022Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0023Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0024Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0025Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0027Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0026Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0028Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0029Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0030Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0031Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0032Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0033Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0034Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0035Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0036Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0037Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0038Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0039Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0040Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0041Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0043Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0042Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0044Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0045Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0046Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0047Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0048Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0049Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0050Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0051Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0052Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0053
Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0055Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0056Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0057Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0058Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0059Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0060Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0061Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0062Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0063Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0064Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0065Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0066Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0067Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0068Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0069Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0070Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0071Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0072Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0073Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0074Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0075Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0076Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0077Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0078Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0079Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0080Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0081Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0082Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0083Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0084Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0085Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0086Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0087Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0088Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0089Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0090Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0091Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0092Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0093Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0094Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0095Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0096Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0097Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0098Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0099Wisconsin Same Sex Wedding_0100

Ceremony: Astor House

Reception: Ore Dock Brewery

Day of Coordinator: Janice at Panache Decorating

Catering: Twist Catering

Cake Artist: Sugar Fix 906


At a castle in Indiana Katie & Sean became husband and wife. The lush grounds, peacocks roaming free, and gorgeous sunlight made their wedding like a fairytale come to life. Sean and his groomsmen looked handsome in their sunset, even with the 90 degree heat. Katie stunned in her dress accented with her blue hair and pink flowers. The bridesmaid’s blue mismatched dresses fit perfectly into the style of the wedding. Their ceremony had the most amazing sunlight peeking through the tall trees as the said “I do” to each other. Afterwards their guest enjoyed cocktails while the newlyweds went around the castle for portraits. At the reception their fairytale continued; the chandeliers, gnomes, fairies, candles, and flowers mixed with the beautiful white draped hall perfectly. Once the music started the dance floor was packed! Katie’s 90 year old uncle didn’t leave the dance floor for a moment. It was such an incredible celebration filled with love, laughter, and happily ever after. Congrats again Sean & Katie! Enjoy!

Castle Wedding_0001Castle Wedding_0002Castle Wedding_0003Castle Wedding_0004Castle Wedding_0005Castle Wedding_0006Castle Wedding_0007Castle Wedding_0008Castle Wedding_0009Castle Wedding_0010Castle Wedding_0011Castle Wedding_0012Castle Wedding_0014Castle Wedding_0013
Castle Wedding_0015Castle Wedding_0016Castle Wedding_0017Castle Wedding_0018Castle Wedding_0019Castle Wedding_0020Castle Wedding_0021Castle Wedding_0022Castle Wedding_0023Castle Wedding_0024Castle Wedding_0025Castle Wedding_0026Castle Wedding_0027Castle Wedding_0028Castle Wedding_0029Castle Wedding_0030Castle Wedding_0031Castle Wedding_0032Castle Wedding_0033Castle Wedding_0034Castle Wedding_0035Castle Wedding_0036Castle Wedding_0037Castle Wedding_0038Castle Wedding_0039Castle Wedding_0040Castle Wedding_0041Castle Wedding_0042Castle Wedding_0043Castle Wedding_0044Castle Wedding_0045Castle Wedding_0046Castle Wedding_0047Castle Wedding_0048Castle Wedding_0049Castle Wedding_0050Castle Wedding_0051Castle Wedding_0052Castle Wedding_0053Castle Wedding_0054Castle Wedding_0055Castle Wedding_0056Castle Wedding_0057Castle Wedding_0058Castle Wedding_0059Castle Wedding_0060Castle Wedding_0061Castle Wedding_0062Castle Wedding_0063Castle Wedding_0064Castle Wedding_0065Castle Wedding_0066Castle Wedding_0067Castle Wedding_0068Castle Wedding_0069Castle Wedding_0070Castle Wedding_0071Castle Wedding_0072Castle Wedding_0073Castle Wedding_0074Castle Wedding_0075Castle Wedding_0076Castle Wedding_0077Castle Wedding_0078

S e a r c h
S o c i a l