Getting your wedding published is an amazing feeling! It’s confirming what you already thought, “my wedding was freaking fantastic!” It’s like a high five from the internet. However not every wedding we submit to editors gets selected to be published. So today we want to discuss a few tips to help your wedding published & be inspiration for other brides-to-be.

1. We need details, details, and more details! It doesn’t matter if it’s homemade touches or professional decorated, your wedding needs details in order to be published. Blogs are looking for weddings that inspire other couples planning their special day. From the flowers and cake to the centerpieces and decorations….it all must be beautiful and unique.


2. Make a few tables look jaw dropping! We will photograph the best tables, typically that means the head table and parent’s tables. If you are trying to save money on decorations then splurge on only a few tables and keep the rest decorated simply. We can photograph one table from many different angles to ensure some amazing detail photos!

MarquetteMiWinterWedding0223. The season is important! For example we photograph some beautiful weddings in the late fall, but by then editors are already searching for winter weddings. The hardest season for us to get weddings published is spring! In Michigan our spring blossoms don’t come until middle of May, by then most of the U.S. is already into summer weddings.

Calumet Wedding_0059

4. Fashion and style is super important! This means that the bridesmaids be dressed to impress and the groom & groomsmen’s suits are properly fitted. Typically the bride is flawless (go you)! By doing something different (such as different color bridesmaids dresses or finding out what the trends are for that year) it helps editors want to publish your wedding.

Stephenson Wedding_0031

5. Emotions are key! From laughter filling the frame to tears running down someone’s face, emotion is the key to having an incredible story that editors would be foolish to not publish. We are so lucky to be able to capture couples big day, weddings are beautifully emotional!


6. At the end of the day all that matters is your marriage! Did you have fun at your wedding? Are you married to your best friend? Then who cares if your wedding didn’t get selected to be published! We’ve seen editors pass on some of our favorite weddings, that’s why we feature every single one of our clients weddings on our blog. Not only can our clients share their blog with family and friends they can also share to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest right from our website.


We are looking forward to a wonderful 2015 wedding season and getting the opportunity to submit our clients wedding for publication. We think this year is going to be the best one yet! Cheers!


DIY brides who love nautical details should pay attention to this sweet event. The cheery color palette of coral and bright navy is a modern and romantic take on the usual primary color schemes associated with this theme. Take note of all of the fun moments, such as the ring bearer’s knitted pillow and navy wagon or the superhero accessories sported by the wedding party after the ceremony. And just wait until you see the full skirt on Hailee’s charming retro gown! We are so happy that published this amazing wedding that we captured on their blog. You can see the full post by clicking here! Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 5.38.48 PM



The Luxe Pearl is a prestigious wedding blog that features fabulous weddings from all around the globe. The Luxe Pearl is known for its elegant wedding inspiration to guide brides through the wedding planning process.”

Needless to say we are so happy that they accepted Amber & Chuck’s engagement session to be featured on their beautiful blog. The dreamy Marquette sunset, adorable puppy dog, and wonderful couple made for such a great session. You can see more by clicking here. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 2.27.09 PM


To better serve all of Michigan we are excited to announce that we will be moving to Traverse City, MI this summer. For us it’s a middle point between the U.P. and Lower Michigan weddings that we already photograph, plus it’s closer to major airports for the destination weddings we take on.

We fell in love with the community, location, and views in Traverse City, it’s like a larger Marquette! Plus Traverse City is known for being a ‘foodie’ town that has diverse styles of dining, including many farm to table options. We will miss living in Marquette, but we will be back often to visit friends, family, and to take on weddings, families, seniors, and more.

With living in Traverse City we will not only continue accepting weddings in Upper Michigan, but also have closer access to Mackinac Island (which is very special to us), Grand Rapids, Chicago, Detroit and so much more. We are excited to explore new areas and work with many amazing wedding vendors. Plus Traverse City has so many incredible wedding venues within a short distance; vineyards, barns, resorts, ships, mansions….the list goes on and on!

We will be in Traverse City at the end of April for a Bridal Expo held at the incredible Grand Traverse Resort! Even though we are booked up for 2015, we are excited to meet potential brides for 2016 and beyond.

To see a glimpse into the magic that is Traverse City you can check out photos from a few recent trips of ours this winter.

Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0001Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0004Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0007Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0009Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0008Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0010Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0011Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0016Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0015

Our favorite little hangout spot has been Brew! It’s a coffee shop/bar (hence the name). It has the best cup of chai tea I’ve ever heard! Yum-o!

Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0013

Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0012Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0014


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