Cool breezes off the lake and clear skies, it was a great day for a family portraits session. We drove up to Big Bay, a small town thirty minutes Northwest of Marquette, MI. It’s the perfect place for a getaway with it’s secludedness in the forest and the gorgeous shoreline of Lake Superior. We joined this wonderful family at their place at Huron Mountain Club in the morning hours. They were so welcoming and were a dream to photograph. It was the first time all the family was in the same place in ages and that was reason enough to get some updated family pictures. Plus the addition of a couple grandchildren made this super special. Big thanks again to this family for being so wonderful and for allowing us the opportunity to photograph them at such a special location. Enjoy!

Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0001Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0002Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0003Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0004Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0005Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0006Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0009Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0007Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0008Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0010Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0011Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0012Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0014Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0013Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0015Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0016Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0017Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0018Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0019Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0020Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0022Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0023Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0024Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0021Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0025Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0026Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0027Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0028Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0029Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0030Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0031Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0032Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0033Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0034Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0035Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0037Huron Mountain Club Pictures_0036


It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a few years since we photographed Kurt’s senior pictures, now it was his brother Patrick’s turn. We had perfect weather for in Marquette for this senior session. We started near the shores of Lake Superior, by blackrocks on Presque Isle. Then it was off to downtown Marquette to show off all the work Patrick has been doing with Synergy Fitness. Patrick has been working hard to keep his body at it’s peak performance since he has been selected to play college football once he graduates. After those photos it was off to the place he loves the most, Marquette’s football field. Not only were we able to get some fantastic photos of him, but his best friend Scott joined in for some as well. We ended the session with Patrick looking dapper in his suit and his proud mama looking on. We couldn’t have asked for a better senior guy session. Good luck on senior year Patrick! Enjoy!

Marquette Senior Pictures_0001Marquette Senior Pictures_0002Marquette Senior Pictures_0003Marquette Senior Pictures_0004Marquette Senior Pictures_0005Marquette Senior Pictures_0006Marquette Senior Pictures_0007Marquette Senior Pictures_0008Marquette Senior Pictures_0010Marquette Senior Pictures_0009Marquette Senior Pictures_0011Marquette Senior Pictures_0012Marquette Senior Pictures_0013Marquette Senior Pictures_0014Marquette Senior Pictures_0015Marquette Senior Pictures_0016Marquette Senior Pictures_0017Marquette Senior Pictures_0018Marquette Senior Pictures_0019Marquette Senior Pictures_0020Marquette Senior Pictures_0021Marquette Senior Pictures_0022Marquette Senior Pictures_0023Marquette Senior Pictures_0024Marquette Senior Pictures_0025Marquette Senior Pictures_0026Marquette Senior Pictures_0027Marquette Senior Pictures_0028Marquette Senior Pictures_0029Marquette Senior Pictures_0030Marquette Senior Pictures_0031Marquette Senior Pictures_0032Marquette Senior Pictures_0033Marquette Senior Pictures_0034Marquette Senior Pictures_0035Marquette Senior Pictures_0036Marquette Senior Pictures_0037Marquette Senior Pictures_0038Marquette Senior Pictures_0039Marquette Senior Pictures_0040Marquette Senior Pictures_0042Marquette Senior Pictures_0041Marquette Senior Pictures_0043Marquette Senior Pictures_0044Marquette Senior Pictures_0045Marquette Senior Pictures_0048
Marquette Senior Pictures_0047

Marquette Senior Pictures_0049


Having a wedding in Marquette definitely mean one thing–no matter what it’s going to be beautiful. Any location in Marquette is gorgeous, then add Emily & Brian’s perfect summer wedding and it’s all perfection. Their day started off in Harvey at the church. They both treated each other to handwritten notes and shortly afterwards they were walking towards one another down the aisle. The ceremony was filled with joy and tears of happiness, the bride’s sister even sang during the start of the wedding. Once they said ‘I DO’ the bridal party went nearby for photos. The bridal party was a blast to photograph, they had us laughing outloud the entire time. For the photos of just Brian and Emily we headed down near Lake Superior. The blue skies, fluffy clouds, and gorgeous shoreline was a wonderful backdrop to capture Emily & Brian’s portraits. After a quick transportation hiccup (you can see more about that below) the bridal party was off to the wedding reception at Marquette Ski Hill. The food was incredible, the setup was adorable, and the music had the crowd up on their feet dancing. We loved being able to capture Mr. & Mrs. Maher’s wonderful day. Enjoy!

Marquette Wedding Photography_0002Marquette Wedding Photography_0001Marquette Wedding Photography_0003Marquette Wedding Photography_0004

Brian wrote a note to Emily the morning of their wedding. He folded it into a paper airplane and the bridesmaid delivered to her by ‘flying’ it in to her. Such an adorable way to surprise his soon to be wife.

Marquette Wedding Photography_0005Marquette Wedding Photography_0006Marquette Wedding Photography_0007Marquette Wedding Photography_0008Marquette Wedding Photography_0009Marquette Wedding Photography_0010Marquette Wedding Photography_0011Marquette Wedding Photography_0012Marquette Wedding Photography_0013Marquette Wedding Photography_0014Marquette Wedding Photography_0015Marquette Wedding Photography_0016Marquette Wedding Photography_0017Marquette Wedding Photography_0018Marquette Wedding Photography_0019Marquette Wedding Photography_0020Marquette Wedding Photography_0021Marquette Wedding Photography_0022Marquette Wedding Photography_0024Marquette Wedding Photography_0023Marquette Wedding Photography_0025Marquette Wedding Photography_0026Marquette Wedding Photography_0027Marquette Wedding Photography_0028Marquette Wedding Photography_0029Marquette Wedding Photography_0030Marquette Wedding Photography_0031Marquette Wedding Photography_0032Marquette Wedding Photography_0033Marquette Wedding Photography_0034Marquette Wedding Photography_0035Marquette Wedding Photography_0036Marquette Wedding Photography_0037Marquette Wedding Photography_0038Marquette Wedding Photography_0039Marquette Wedding Photography_0040Marquette Wedding Photography_0042Marquette Wedding Photography_0041Marquette Wedding Photography_0043Marquette Wedding Photography_0044Marquette Wedding Photography_0045Marquette Wedding Photography_0046Marquette Wedding Photography_0047Marquette Wedding Photography_0048Marquette Wedding Photography_0049Marquette Wedding Photography_0050Marquette Wedding Photography_0051Marquette Wedding Photography_0052Marquette Wedding Photography_0053Marquette Wedding Photography_0054Marquette Wedding Photography_0055Marquette Wedding Photography_0056Marquette Wedding Photography_0057Marquette Wedding Photography_0058Marquette Wedding Photography_0059Marquette Wedding Photography_0060Marquette Wedding Photography_0061Marquette Wedding Photography_0062Marquette Wedding Photography_0065Marquette Wedding Photography_0063

Their wedding transportation broke down, but within five minutes Checker Bus had a new bus there to pick them up–until then they had a drink to pass the time.

Marquette Wedding Photography_0066Marquette Wedding Photography_0064Marquette Wedding Photography_0067Marquette Wedding Photography_0068Marquette Wedding Photography_0069Marquette Wedding Photography_0070Marquette Wedding Photography_0071Marquette Wedding Photography_0072Marquette Wedding Photography_0073Marquette Wedding Photography_0074Marquette Wedding Photography_0075Marquette Wedding Photography_0076Marquette Wedding Photography_0077Marquette Wedding Photography_0078Marquette Wedding Photography_0079Marquette Wedding Photography_0080Marquette Wedding Photography_0081Marquette Wedding Photography_0082Marquette Wedding Photography_0083Marquette Wedding Photography_0084Marquette Wedding Photography_0085Marquette Wedding Photography_0086Marquette Wedding Photography_0087Marquette Wedding Photography_0088Marquette Wedding Photography_0089Marquette Wedding Photography_0090Marquette Wedding Photography_0091Marquette Wedding Photography_0092Marquette Wedding Photography_0093Marquette Wedding Photography_0094Marquette Wedding Photography_0095Marquette Wedding Photography_0096Marquette Wedding Photography_0097Marquette Wedding Photography_0098Marquette Wedding Photography_0099Marquette Wedding Photography_0100Marquette Wedding Photography_0101Marquette Wedding Photography_0102Marquette Wedding Photography_0103Marquette Wedding Photography_0104Marquette Wedding Photography_0105Marquette Wedding Photography_0106Marquette Wedding Photography_0107Marquette Wedding Photography_0108Marquette Wedding Photography_0109Marquette Wedding Photography_0110Marquette Wedding Photography_0111Ceremony: St. Louis the King

Reception: Marquette Mountain Ski Hill

Transportation: Checker Cab/Marquette Limo

Wedding Coordinator: Knots & Kisses

DJ: Rusty Bowers

Florist: Forsberg Flowers

Caterer: Shane Larsen BBQ

Cake: :Midtown Bakery


Dan & Janelle’s wedding was something beyond magically, not only was it detailed packed (a photographer’s dream come true)–but we were also ahead of schedule the entire day. Janelle and Dan started off the day by getting ready at the Hampton Inn in downtown Marquette. They choose to do a reveal down in at the new boardwalk along Lake Superior. Dan’s reaction to seeing his bride-to-be was perfection! After some beautiful portraits there they headed off to the ceremony location in Harvey. St. Louis the King is fastly become one of our favorites in Marquette, it is brightly lit with even light and the people there are wonderful. After they tied the knot it was off to The Dry Dock for a quick drink and the relive their first date there. Nearby was a gorgeous field with a huge lilac bush that was incredible for the bridal party portraits. I don’t think we’ve laughed so hard with a bridal party, they are fantastic and hilarious to be around. Next it was onto the reception at the Marquette History Museum. Their travel theme was gorgeously put together inside! Planes, postcards, globes, and so much more made this a dream come true to photograph. Then top it off with a donut buffet and we were in heaven! After dinner and dancing we borrowed the newlyweds to a nearby location for a few sunset photos of just the two of them. The freshly fallen rain enhanced the colors around them and made for a wonderful backdrop for the happy couple. Huge thanks again to Mr. & Mrs. Murphy for being so amazing to photograph! Enjoy!

Travel themed wedding_0001Travel themed wedding_0002Travel themed wedding_0003Travel themed wedding_0004Travel themed wedding_0005Travel themed wedding_0006Travel themed wedding_0007Travel themed wedding_0008Travel themed wedding_0009Travel themed wedding_0010Travel themed wedding_0011Travel themed wedding_0012Travel themed wedding_0013Travel themed wedding_0014Travel themed wedding_0015Travel themed wedding_0016Travel themed wedding_0017Travel themed wedding_0018Travel themed wedding_0019Travel themed wedding_0020Travel themed wedding_0021Travel themed wedding_0022Travel themed wedding_0023Travel themed wedding_0024Travel themed wedding_0025Travel themed wedding_0026Travel themed wedding_0027Travel themed wedding_0028Travel themed wedding_0029Travel themed wedding_0030Travel themed wedding_0031Travel themed wedding_0032Travel themed wedding_0033Travel themed wedding_0034Travel themed wedding_0035Travel themed wedding_0036Travel themed wedding_0037Travel themed wedding_0038Travel themed wedding_0039Travel themed wedding_0040Travel themed wedding_0041Travel themed wedding_0042Travel themed wedding_0043Travel themed wedding_0044Travel themed wedding_0045Travel themed wedding_0046Travel themed wedding_0047Travel themed wedding_0048Travel themed wedding_0049Travel themed wedding_0050Travel themed wedding_0051Travel themed wedding_0052Travel themed wedding_0053Travel themed wedding_0054Travel themed wedding_0055Travel themed wedding_0056Travel themed wedding_0057Travel themed wedding_0058Travel themed wedding_0059Travel themed wedding_0060Travel themed wedding_0061Travel themed wedding_0062Travel themed wedding_0063Travel themed wedding_0064Travel themed wedding_0065Travel themed wedding_0066Travel themed wedding_0067Travel themed wedding_0068Travel themed wedding_0069Travel themed wedding_0070Travel themed wedding_0071Travel themed wedding_0072Travel themed wedding_0073Travel themed wedding_0074Travel themed wedding_0075Travel themed wedding_0076Travel themed wedding_0077Travel themed wedding_0078Travel themed wedding_0079Travel themed wedding_0080Travel themed wedding_0082Travel themed wedding_0083Travel themed wedding_0084Travel themed wedding_0085Travel themed wedding_0086Travel themed wedding_0087Travel themed wedding_0088Travel themed wedding_0089Travel themed wedding_0090Travel themed wedding_0091Travel themed wedding_0092Travel themed wedding_0093Travel themed wedding_0094Travel themed wedding_0095Travel themed wedding_0096Travel themed wedding_0097Travel themed wedding_0098Travel themed wedding_0099Travel themed wedding_0100Travel themed wedding_0101Travel themed wedding_0102Travel themed wedding_0103Travel themed wedding_0104Travel themed wedding_0105Travel themed wedding_0106Travel themed wedding_0107Travel themed wedding_0108Travel themed wedding_0109Travel themed wedding_0110Travel themed wedding_0111Travel themed wedding_0112Travel themed wedding_0113Travel themed wedding_0114Travel themed wedding_0115Travel themed wedding_0116Travel themed wedding_0117Travel themed wedding_0118Travel themed wedding_0119Travel themed wedding_0120Travel themed wedding_0121Travel themed wedding_0122Travel themed wedding_0123Travel themed wedding_0124Travel themed wedding_0125Travel themed wedding_0126Travel themed wedding_0127Travel themed wedding_0128Travel themed wedding_0129Travel themed wedding_0130Travel themed wedding_0131Travel themed wedding_0132Travel themed wedding_0133Travel themed wedding_0134Travel themed wedding_0135Travel themed wedding_0136Travel themed wedding_0137Travel themed wedding_0138Travel themed wedding_0139Travel themed wedding_0140Travel themed wedding_0141Travel themed wedding_0142Travel themed wedding_0143Travel themed wedding_0144Travel themed wedding_0145Travel themed wedding_0146Travel themed wedding_0147Travel themed wedding_0148


Hair & Makeup: Jessica at Embrace

Ceremony: St. Louis the King

Reception: Marquette History Museum

DJ: Double Trouble DJ’s

Day of Coordinator: Janice at Panache Decorating

Wedding Transportation: Checker Cab/Marquette Limo

Caterer: Sweet Basil Deli

Donut Buffet: Huron Mountain Bakery

S e a r c h
S o c i a l