During their visit to their cabin along Lake Superior Annette and her family wanted some update family portraits. Their gorgeous log cabin with view of the icy water provided the perfect setting. The session was a blast from start to finish, especially during the epic snowball fight and them sledding down the driveway. We truly adore being able to capture all the fun! Enjoy!

Family Pictures Munising MI_0001Family Pictures Munising MI_0002Family Pictures Munising MI_0003Family Pictures Munising MI_0004Family Pictures Munising MI_0005Family Pictures Munising MI_0006Family Pictures Munising MI_0007Family Pictures Munising MI_0008Family Pictures Munising MI_0009Family Pictures Munising MI_0010Family Pictures Munising MI_0011Family Pictures Munising MI_0012Family Pictures Munising MI_0013Family Pictures Munising MI_0014Family Pictures Munising MI_0015Family Pictures Munising MI_0016Family Pictures Munising MI_0017Family Pictures Munising MI_0018Family Pictures Munising MI_0019Family Pictures Munising MI_0020Family Pictures Munising MI_0021Family Pictures Munising MI_0022Family Pictures Munising MI_0023Family Pictures Munising MI_0024Family Pictures Munising MI_0025Family Pictures Munising MI_0026Family Pictures Munising MI_0027Family Pictures Munising MI_0028Family Pictures Munising MI_0029Family Pictures Munising MI_0030



We are nerds for photography. We love systemizing our workflow, we get jazzed at strategizing our marketing, and we do a happy dance each time we successfully finish another wonderful year in photography. Like I said….nerds. Maybe it’s because we are passionate about growing our business more and more successful or maybe it’s just the fact that we really like what we do for a living. It is job–but it’s the best one in the world!

We found one of our biggest passions lately has been educating and guiding photographers into success as well! That is why we are now making our coaching available to anyone that is needing direction. The 1-on-1 coaching is personalized to help individuals with any of the following; editing tutorials, branding, photos critiques, pricing, shooting techniques, business growth, in person sales, marketing, social media, off camera flash….or anything else that pertains to photography. The three hour coaching also includes lunch, headshots, and a downloaded pdf that is packed with content. Prior to the 1-on-1 coaching session you’ll receive an online questionnaire to fill out your biggest concerns and problem areas. This questionnaire will allow us to truly tailor the coaching session to your needs.

Below are some of the common questions or concerns that we receive from photographers. If there are any additional questions we can answer for you please email us: info@wrenphotography.com

” I live too far away for this!” That is why we are also making this available via a Skype as well. The Skype coaching won’t include lunch or headshots, but a discount will be given to account for that. We are accommodating to photogs in different timezones and will work our best to find a time that works for everyone.

“I’m not a professional photographer, I just need help figuring out how to work my camera!” We can help you out as well! If it pertains to photography in any way shape or form we are here to assist you.

“How much does this cost?” Your investment in the 1-on-1 coaching can be found by emailing us at info@wrenphotography.com

“I’m EXCITED! How soon can we schedule this?!” We are excited as well! We need a two week notice for scheduling. Please note that we are wedding photographers, so Saturdays are unavailable for the 1-on-1 coaching. We are flexible with our schedules otherwise.

We look forward to provided many of you with education that will further your photography. There is no better time than now to take charge and move forward.



Huge thanks to Emma at -et images for capturing our photos this year!



When Mark and Elise planned their winter wedding we are sure they envisioned snow covered trees and a cozy reception, little did they know that the most amazing snowstorm is what their wedding day would hold. Snow was heavily falling, making the roads slippery and slow. The bride was getting ready at the Depot in Negaunee, while the groom prepared at the Ramada in Marquette. After a very slow drive to the church (only getting stuck three times) the ceremony began. The Christmas lights and poinsettia filled the church with color as Mark & Elise said “I DO”! The bridal party then made their way to Marquette for some of the most beautiful wedding pictures. The snow clung to the trees and was nearly a foot deep by that point.  Thankfully it wasn’t actually that cold out and the trees created a barrier from the big fluffy snow. After that is was onto the wedding reception. The reception was filled with uplights in red and the rustic decorations looked incredible. We adored that they even had a Christmas Tree that guest could put their presents under. One of our favorite moments was the surprise dance that Mark & Elise did for their first dance (that will be posted soon). It was truly a stunning winter wedding that Mr. & Mrs. Elegeert planned, snow and all.


Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0001Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0002Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0003

Are you seeing the icicles on the right? They were incredible looking!

Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0004Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0005Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0006Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0007Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0008Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0009Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0010

We think Elise’s two-colored eyes are absolutely stunning!

Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0011Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0012Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0013Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0014Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0015Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0016Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0017Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0018Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0019Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0020Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0021Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0022Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0023Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0024Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0025Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0026Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0027Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0028Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0029Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0030Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0031Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0032Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0033Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0034Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0035Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0036Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0037Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0038Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0039Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0040Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0041

After the ceremony the groomsmen had to shave off their mustaches–they weren’t pleased as you can see. haha.

Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0042Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0043Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0044Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0045Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0046Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0047Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0048Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0049Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0050Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0051Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0052Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0053Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0054Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0055Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0056Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0057Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0058Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0059Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0060Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0061Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0062Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0063Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0064

Their dog Hatchet even dressed up for the wedding!

Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0065Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0066Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0067Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0068Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0069Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0070Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0071Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0072Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0073Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0074Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0075Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0076Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0077Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0078Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0079Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0080Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0081Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0082Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0083Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0084Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0085Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0086Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0087Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0088Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0089Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0090Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0091Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0092Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0093

We truly love the moment towards the end of the evening, it gives us a chance to capture something so real and beautiful.

Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0094Northern Michigan Winter Wedding_0095


Ceremony: Immanuel Lutheran Church, Negaunee

Reception: Ramada Inn, Marquette

DJ: Double Trouble DJ’s

Cake Artist: Leeson’s Cakes Inn, Tinley Park IL

Floral: Shelly’s Floral, Negaunee

Linen: Panache Decorating, Negaunee


Their story is incredible and surreal. They were modeling for us during a winter styled shoot and the first thing Katelyn said to George was, “Hi! I’m your bride!” They playfully posed in the freezing cold, holding each other close for warmth. A few days later Katelyn said they were talking more and more after the shoot. It was long before they were dating and truly had one of the best “how we met” story. Then, as many of you may remember, George planned the most adorable surprise proposal! They originally planned a summer wedding, but an intimate winter wedding suited them better. Their family and friends gathered close outside as George & Katelyn said “I DO!” Being that their wedding was right after Christmas their home was decorated full of lights and pine. We could not be happier for Mr. & Mrs. Meister! It’s been an adventure watching their love blossom the past two years.

Model Wedding_0001Model Wedding_0002Model Wedding_0003Model Wedding_0004Model Wedding_0005Model Wedding_0006Model Wedding_0007Model Wedding_0008Model Wedding_0009Model Wedding_0010Model Wedding_0011Model Wedding_0012Model Wedding_0013Model Wedding_0014Model Wedding_0015Model Wedding_0016Model Wedding_0017Model Wedding_0018Model Wedding_0019Model Wedding_0020Model Wedding_0021Model Wedding_0022Model Wedding_0023Model Wedding_0024Model Wedding_0025Model Wedding_0026Model Wedding_0027Model Wedding_0028Model Wedding_0029Model Wedding_0030Model Wedding_0031Model Wedding_0032Model Wedding_0033Model Wedding_0034Model Wedding_0035Model Wedding_0036Model Wedding_0037Model Wedding_0038Model Wedding_0039Model Wedding_0040Model Wedding_0041Model Wedding_0042Model Wedding_0043Model Wedding_0044Model Wedding_0045Model Wedding_0046Model Wedding_0047Model Wedding_0048Model Wedding_0049Model Wedding_0050Model Wedding_0051Model Wedding_0052Model Wedding_0053Model Wedding_0054Model Wedding_0055Model Wedding_0056Model Wedding_0057Model Wedding_0058Model Wedding_0059Model Wedding_0060Model Wedding_0061Model Wedding_0062Model Wedding_0063Model Wedding_0064Model Wedding_0065Model Wedding_0066Model Wedding_0067Model Wedding_0068Model Wedding_0069Model Wedding_0070Model Wedding_0071Model Wedding_0072Model Wedding_0073Model Wedding_0074Model Wedding_0075Model Wedding_0076Model Wedding_0077Model Wedding_0078Model Wedding_0079Model Wedding_0080Model Wedding_0081Model Wedding_0082Model Wedding_0083Model Wedding_0084Model Wedding_0085Model Wedding_0086Model Wedding_0087Model Wedding_0088Model Wedding_0089Model Wedding_0090

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