There is no other way to say it other than DESTINATION WEDDINGS ROCK! In the years that we’ve been photographing weddings, along with having our own destination wedding, we’ve put together some reasons why you should have a destination wedding. Sit down, open up Google Maps, and let the fun begin!

1. Weekend Long Coverage! Many people don’t know that we offer weekend long destination wedding coverage! This includes rehearsal dinner, wedding day, and a rock the dress session! Most of the times you couldn’t even hire a local photographer for the same price as having us fly out for the entire weekend.

2. Everyone has fun! Sure every wedding is fun, but destination weddings blends the fun of a wedding with a vacation–what’s not to love about that. Since there are typically less people at a destination wedding it is the prime chance to plan activities with you guests too.

3. Doesn’t matter the location! We’ve photographed snowy, sunny, rainy, hot destination weddings and so on. It doesn’t matter the time of year or the location–destination weddings are incredible!

4. You can have two weddings! Just think about it; you can have your intimate destination wedding and then have a big backyard bash with all your family and friends. What’s not to love about that?

5. Any day is a great day for a destination wedding! Saturdays are typically wedding day, but by having a destination wedding it doesn’t matter what day of the week you get married! This is perfect for the couple that has a specific date that is special to them.

When planning our own destination wedding we loved the opportunity to hold our wedding with our closest family and friends at an incredible location. It truly was the best day ever!

We’ve included a few images from destination wedding in Cape Cod, MA last summer. You can see their full wedding by clicking here. Enjoy!



“How do you get photos that have blurry backgrounds?” It’s a common question with a simple answer: aperture! In photography there are three functions that work hand in hand together; aperture, shutter speed, and ISO (which you can read more about here).

Aperture is the size of the hole in your lens that allow light to travel into your camera’s sensor. The bigger the hole the more light, the smaller the hole the less light. It not only is the way that light gets into your camera, but aperture also determines how shallow your depth of field is.

Depth of field relates to the amount of area that is in focus. Stick with us, I know it seems confusing, but it will all make sense soon. On the chart below you can see the size of the hole represents the size of the lens aperture. The larger the f-number (known also as an f/stop), the smaller the aperture. So for example f/1.4 is a small f/stop, but has a large aperture. When your f/stop is a small number you’ll get the blurry background most photographers strive for. However when you f/stop is a large number you’ll get gorgeous landscape photos with everything in focus.


When first starting out in photography it’s handy to create a “cheat sheet” to remember all the terms and settings. So here’s a few important apertures to remember:


-f/1.8 is perfect for low light situations and also for individual portraits

-f/4 is great for photographing two or three people that are all in a line and also for photographing on a bright sunny day

-f/8 is wonderful for photographing a group of people that are two or three rows deep

-f/20 is fantastic for scenic photos when you would like everything in focus (especially for night photos)


Please note that on the side and top of your camera lens you’ll see the f/stop that is available. Most inexpensive lenses can only get down to around f/3.5, while professional lenses are around f/1.2. We highly recommend two lenses when you are first starting out and want to achieve that “blurry” background; Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 and Canon EF 85mm f/1.8. With both of the lenses under $500 dollars it’s an expensive investment into great images!

Next week we will discuss how the shutter speed ties the ISO and aperture all together! Until then, get practicing playing with your aperture and ISO!



There is a happy community that feels as if it was meant for photographers! We are talking about the social media app Instagram. It is a place with beautiful pictures and simple content that makes liking images and following people super simple! We started using Instagram in February of 2012 after hearing more about the power of it from WPPI, little did we know how much it would end helping our business. Three years later our Instagram has been a place that we can show off our professional images and personal iPhone snaps all while building our photography business.

You can read more on how to use Instagram for your business by clicking here. We loved being able to share our insight when we guest blogged for Also please follow us on Instagram to see first hand how we use this amazing app in our business.



We had portraits taken this year by -et photo with our little fur family. Emma was great capturing the different personalities of our three pets. We wanted to have pictures done because they all mean so much to us and being older we never know when their time is up.

Being able to adopt the pets we have has been a blessing! All of them have been adopted, two locally and one in lower Michigan. The best piece of advice we can give anyone considering it is to adopted a senior pet! They are loyal, calm, trained (for the most part), and the biggest loves!

Our tuxedo cat is around 6 years old, we’ve had him the longest at around three years. Our miniature schnauzer (with his awesome grumpy eyebrows) is around 12 years old, we’ve had him for around two years now. The husky/collie mix is estimated to be around 8 years old, we’ve had her for just over a year.

Max (the cat) and JJ (the schnauzer) had no issues in the years of living with us, they are fantastic. When we decided to take on another pet we visited UPAWS (our local animal shelter) and met Lady (the husky/collie). She is the sweetest dog that we’ve ever met, we tell people she’s like a giant teddy bear! She was abandoned by her previous owners, they moved and left her locked in the garage to die, thankfully the neighbors heard her cries for help. She had to be shaved down from all the mats in her fur and had issues with eating, but we knew she was meant to be with us.

About two months into living with us she experienced a seizure (scariest thing to witness ever), we rushed her to the vet and was treated with medications. She would still occasionally have a seizure here or there, sometimes having multiple in a day. It was a constant battle of adjusting her medication. Then in September 2014 she had a status seizure that almost brought her to death. Our calls to our regular vet went unanswered, so we got in touch with Bayshore Veterinary. Dr. Tim and his incredible crew are the reason that Lady is still alive and doing better than ever. They cared for her, helped her walk again, and actually figured she needed less medicine! Since that day she’s only had one seizure. It has been incredible to see her quality of life go up, she’s happier and healthier!

Even though adopting a senior pet may come with issues it was worth it all. We may only get another few years, but the love and joy that they share makes that realization worthwhile. Also, if you are unable to adopt a pet consider donating money or sponsoring the adoption of a senior pet. They often get overlooked, but are the biggest sweethearts!

Below are a few images from the photoshoot this past October, we couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. Enjoy!



Yes, Max does have his own harness and leash to go outside with us, haha.

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