We love being able to capture engagement pictures and wedding day–but it’s a true honor to be a part of a surprise proposal! Especially when the couple involved met because of us. Come read Katelyn and George’s amazing story of how they met and check out the surprise proposal by clicking here! Thanks again to When Geeks Wed for featuring their fantastic adventure.
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Saying Yes

Christmas Eve is right around the corner and according to a recent survey it’s also the most popular time of year to get engaged! We’ve noticed that most couples tend to get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, or as we call it engagement season. Getting purposed to is one of the most exciting moments in life, period! When Alex got down on one knee and asked him to marry him it was truly all a blur. I remember some of what he said, but then the tears of joy started and it all get a little fuzzy from there. Here’s some tips on saying yes when that magical moment comes to life!

Saying Yes_0001

The moment you realize it’s all happening it’s a whirlwind of emotions. He’s nervously talking,  saying something really sweet, and bending down on one knee. You are trying to focus, but there are a million thoughts running through your mind, “This is really happening! Shit I should have had my nails done last week. That ring is amazing!” All those thoughts and so many more–plus you have to remind yourself to breathe.

Saying Yes_0002

Then the moment comes that he asks, “will you marry me?” It’s THE MOMENT! Take two seconds to breathe, enjoy the moment, and jump excitedly as you say YES over and over again. Now you are officially engaged and won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face (as if you would want to).

Saying Yes_0003

Take the next few days to call your family and friends, update your Facebook profile, and stare at the ring every chance you get (well maybe not while driving haha). You may want to immediately start planning, after all you probably made a secret Pinterest board prior to even getting engaged, but wait. Yes you heard right–wait. Not forever, but take a week or two to talk over your ideas with your finance. For most guys it’s overwhelming enough to purpose and then suddenly it’s *BAM* wedding planning, they need that time to adjust to all that has happened before hitting the planning hard.

We are SO excited thinking about all the proposals and engagements that are about to happen! No matter what your story will be we truly hope it’s the best day ever!! And remember to say YES loud and clear for him to proudly hear.

All the photos on this blog are from the most amazing surprise proposal that we captured, you can see the photos AND video by clicking here.



Stress Free Wedding

We are quickly approaching a new year which means that all the 2016 brides-to-be are getting super excited with the anticipation of their wedding. Most couples plan their wedding for a year or more–so this home stretch starts making it all seem more real. Once the wedding day finally arrives we want to ensure you relax, have fun, and truly take every glorious moment in–so here’s a few snippets of advice to make sure you do.


Hire The Right Vendors! This is by far the key to making sure your wedding day goes smoothly. If you’ve invested in the right vendors you can relax and trust that it will all come together perfectly. True professionals don’t have to bother you, ask questions, or interrupt time with your guests–they already have the timeline and questions covered prior to the big day.


A Day Of Coordinator Is Amazing! Most couples enjoy wedding planning themselves and don’t enlist the help of a wedding planner. However a day of coordinator is someone you can hire just for wedding day. The day of coordinator will help make sure you are on time, eating something prior to the day starting, make sure your ceremony and reception are set up like you wanted, light the candles at the reception, and make sure your vendors are on schedule. Day of coordinators are fantastic and we highly recommend hiring one for wedding day!


Delegate To A Non Family Member! If you are unable to hire a day of coordinator then at least have a friend with isn’t in the bridal party helping you out. This person will be in charge of your phone and answering any/all the last minute questions that happen on the day of the wedding. We’ve seen it all too often that a bride will ask a family member or bridesmaid to do something–but because of the pressure already on wedding day the task gets forgotten about. We’ve had family members forget wedding rings, maids of honor forget to bring along the bride’s bag, and so on. Avoid the stress and delegate these tasks to non family member. Just remember to either pay them or gift them something extra sweet since they are helping you out.


Compile All The Items You Need In One Bag! The last thing you want to be doing the day of the wedding is running around trying to find something. If you keep all of your items together in one bag this will eliminate this problem. Typically in the bridal bag is a change of clothes (for after the wedding), comfortable shoes (for dancing), makeup, wallet/purse, emergency kit, snacks, and a water bottle. Put your maid of honor in charge of keeping this bag with you all day long.


Let It Go! No we are not referring to the Frozen song, instead the fact that whatever problems may happen on wedding day–just let it go. Something will always go wrong at a wedding, but how you handle it is key. Laugh it off and keep moving forward. As long as you are able to marry your best friend then nothing else should matter. Rain on wedding day–embrace it! Ring bearer’s pant missing–laugh it off! Forgot the garter–ask you dj if they have a back up! Tackle any problems with a smile and a good attitude, this is key to any successful wedding day.






We love photographing outside. We can’t help but think of the Will Ferrell skit from Saturday Night Live when he is singing, “nature….” while we are capturing the beauty of the outdoors. To be honest we love any excuse to be outside. That’s the main reason why we opted to not open an indoor photography studio. It is way too gorgeous outside, no matter what the season is.

Nature in Portraits

As photographers we love incorporating nature into the portraits we are capturing. So we wanted to share this simple trick with other photographers–that both amateurs and professionals can enjoy using. By having some foliage, trees, or (in the case of the image below) corn stalks in the foreground of the image it adds a little something to the images. We feel it helps provide a little more color, movement, and texture every time.


For this next image the grass is in the foreground. We are literally laying on the grass to get this shot. The shallow depth of field makes the grass turns into a beautiful texture of green. We absolutely adore how that lets the viewer’s eye draw right up to the couple in the image.


Sometimes it’s easiest to bring nature right up to the camera itself, like Alex did in the image below. The marsh that we were photographing by was beautiful, but it was too wet to photograph in. He picked a few of the weeds from the marsh and put this beautiful senior as close as he could to the weeds without her getting wet. The resulting image is beautiful and something different that the normal outdoor portrait.


Then there are little gifts that nature hands out–like rain or snow! If captured correctly it can sparkle, shine, and look so very beautiful! Take the image below, the snow was coming down heavy, but by exposing correctly and putting the focus on the gals then the snow in the foreground naturally adds the look we wanted.

Snow Portraits_0003

Have fun with this little trick and explore all the nature has to offer–because it’s pretty spectacular outside!


There are so many wonderful wedding traditions that we adore–but there are also those ‘rules’ in weddings that we feel like should be thrown out the window. This past few years we’ve seen a rise of clients breaking the rules and doing their own thing–and those weddings have been the best! Below are the 5 weddings rules we encourage you to break.

Wedding Rules to Break

1.Matching Bridesmaids Dresses. There is nothing wrong with matching dresses, but we also LOVE that lately our bride’s have been giving their bridesmaids a chance to pick out a dress that fits their personality and body type better. When a bridesmaids is able to choose they own style of dress that they are comfortable in their confidence exudes!

Mismatched bridesmaids_0001

2. Not Seeing Each Other Before The Ceremony. I’ll be writing an entire blog about this coming up, but for now let me state where the tradition comes from. Back in the day when marriages were arraigned and your family traded you for a pig, goat, and whatever else–they didn’t want the couple seeing each other prior to the ceremony because they would be more likely to back out. Yep, seriously this rule can be thrown way out, haha.


3. Cutting The Wedding Cake. Who doesn’t love something sweet after dinner? We find that most couples forget to cut the cake right away and their guest are impatiently waiting–but what if you take a different route completely!? We’ve seen more couple try an array of desserts from cupcakes, candy buffets, and the most unique one we’ve seen yet–donuts! With all these sweet treats ready for indulging in right away your guests are sure to enjoy them right after dinner.


4. Tossing The Garter And Bouquet. This tradition is just awkward to watch AND be a part of. I remember having the garter removed on our wedding day…Alex’s head up my dress with children and adults watching. Talk about awkward and uncomfortable. Then there is the next task of pulling out single people out onto the dance floor and having them to try catch the garter or bouquet. I don’t know many single people that enjoy this at all. So skip the awkwardness and just tear up the dance with your guests instead.

Garter removal_0002

5. Sticking To Gendered Bridal Parties. Having your best friends by your side on wedding day is part of the fun! Thankfully couples are now inviting all their friends to join in the wedding party regardless of gender. We love the look (and sound) or groomsmaids and bridesmen.


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