We adored Rob & Kaity from the moment we got to know them during their engagement session last year. We knew that their wedding was going to be wonderful, but we were blown away by just how incredible. Rob & his groomsmen got ready at their home in Escanaba, of course their dog was in many of the photos. Kaity & her bridesmaid got ready at the Terrace Inn and we are so thankful she trusted us enough to get dressed outside. Afterwards it was off to All Saints Church in Gladstone for their lovely catholic ceremony. Their colors of blush and grey really popped against the white and red of the church. Once they were pronounced husband and wife we took them outside for photos. It was quite chilly that day, but the entire bridal party toughed it out for photos. We quickly got them through the photos so they could warm up with a drink at the Sand Bar before heading to the reception. Their wedding reception was at the Gladstone Ski Hill and we honestly couldn’t believe the amount of d.i.y. touches every where! They had a donut cake, a build your own sangria bar, jenga sign in blocks, and so much more. The entire day was amazing, but that was definitely a treat to photograph. Around sunset we took the newlyweds atop the hill for a few photos in the dreamy, golden light and oh my goodness it was gorgeous. Congrats again to Mr. & Mrs. Caliguri and thanks again for all the fun! Enjoy!

Gladstone Wedding_0001

Gladstone Wedding_0002Gladstone Wedding_0003Gladstone Wedding_0004Gladstone Wedding_0005Gladstone Wedding_0006Gladstone Wedding_0007Gladstone Wedding_0008Gladstone Wedding_0009Gladstone Wedding_0010Gladstone Wedding_0011Gladstone Wedding_0012Gladstone Wedding_0013Gladstone Wedding_0014Gladstone Wedding_0015Gladstone Wedding_0016Gladstone Wedding_0017Gladstone Wedding_0018Gladstone Wedding_0019Gladstone Wedding_0020Gladstone Wedding_0021Gladstone Wedding_0022

The little flower girl hiked her dressed up so she wouldn’t trip, but I don’t think she realized her undies were hanging out. haha.

Gladstone Wedding_0023Gladstone Wedding_0024Gladstone Wedding_0025Gladstone Wedding_0026Gladstone Wedding_0027Gladstone Wedding_0028Gladstone Wedding_0029Gladstone Wedding_0030Gladstone Wedding_0031Gladstone Wedding_0032Gladstone Wedding_0033Gladstone Wedding_0034Gladstone Wedding_0035Gladstone Wedding_0036Gladstone Wedding_0037Gladstone Wedding_0038Gladstone Wedding_0039Gladstone Wedding_0040Gladstone Wedding_0041Gladstone Wedding_0042Gladstone Wedding_0043Gladstone Wedding_0044Gladstone Wedding_0045Gladstone Wedding_0046Gladstone Wedding_0047Gladstone Wedding_0048Gladstone Wedding_0049Gladstone Wedding_0050Gladstone Wedding_0051Gladstone Wedding_0052Gladstone Wedding_0053Gladstone Wedding_0054Gladstone Wedding_0055Gladstone Wedding_0056Gladstone Wedding_0057Gladstone Wedding_0058Gladstone Wedding_0059Gladstone Wedding_0060Gladstone Wedding_0061Gladstone Wedding_0062Gladstone Wedding_0063Gladstone Wedding_0064Gladstone Wedding_0065Gladstone Wedding_0066Gladstone Wedding_0067Gladstone Wedding_0068Gladstone Wedding_0069Gladstone Wedding_0070Gladstone Wedding_0071Gladstone Wedding_0072Gladstone Wedding_0073Gladstone Wedding_0074Gladstone Wedding_0075Gladstone Wedding_0076Gladstone Wedding_0077Gladstone Wedding_0078Gladstone Wedding_0079Gladstone Wedding_0080Gladstone Wedding_0081Gladstone Wedding_0082Gladstone Wedding_0083Gladstone Wedding_0084Gladstone Wedding_0085Gladstone Wedding_0086Gladstone Wedding_0087Gladstone Wedding_0088Gladstone Wedding_0089Gladstone Wedding_0090Gladstone Wedding_0091Gladstone Wedding_0092Gladstone Wedding_0093Gladstone Wedding_0094Gladstone Wedding_0095Gladstone Wedding_0096Gladstone Wedding_0097Gladstone Wedding_0098Gladstone Wedding_0099Gladstone Wedding_0100Gladstone Wedding_0101Gladstone Wedding_0102Gladstone Wedding_0103Gladstone Wedding_0104Gladstone Wedding_0105Gladstone Wedding_0106Gladstone Wedding_0107Gladstone Wedding_0108Gladstone Wedding_0109

The children kept sneaking up to the donut cake, taking a few bites of the donuts, and then put them right back on the table. lol

Gladstone Wedding_0110Gladstone Wedding_0111Gladstone Wedding_0112Gladstone Wedding_0113

Sunset photos during a wedding reception are always some of favorites. It’s a moment alone for the bride & groom and the lighting is always heavenly!

Gladstone Wedding_0114Gladstone Wedding_0115Gladstone Wedding_0116Gladstone Wedding_0117Gladstone Wedding_0118Gladstone Wedding_0119Gladstone Wedding_0120Gladstone Wedding_0121Gladstone Wedding_0122Gladstone Wedding_0123


We loved traveling out to a lakeside cabin in Negaunee for this family session. We drove and drove out to the furthest cabin along the way, but once we arrived it was easy to see why they wanted us to join them there. The sun was setting and the water sparkled, it was perfection for this family session! We loved getting a mix of traditional family photos, mixed in with ones that truly captured the children’s personality! The children especially loved getting treated to ice cream and popsicles with Grandpa at the end! Who wouldn’t love that after all. Enjoy! Negaunee Family Photos_0001Negaunee Family Photos_0002Negaunee Family Photos_0003Negaunee Family Photos_0004Negaunee Family Photos_0005Negaunee Family Photos_0006Negaunee Family Photos_0008Negaunee Family Photos_0007Negaunee Family Photos_0009Negaunee Family Photos_0010Negaunee Family Photos_0011Negaunee Family Photos_0012Negaunee Family Photos_0013Negaunee Family Photos_0014Negaunee Family Photos_0015Negaunee Family Photos_0016Negaunee Family Photos_0017Negaunee Family Photos_0018Negaunee Family Photos_0019Negaunee Family Photos_0020Negaunee Family Photos_0021Negaunee Family Photos_0022Negaunee Family Photos_0023



Angela & Jason’s engagement session was adventurous, beautiful, and full of desert goodness! During a recent destination wedding in Las Vegas we had a free day to be able to photograph Angela & Jason in an amazing ghost town nearby. When arriving at the ghost town we were warned to watch out for rattlesnakes and be careful around the cactus, needless to say every turn was taken with caution. The light in the desert is something we always look forward to, it’s warmth and pink hues make for the perfect addition to any photo shoot. Angela & Jason were fantastic to photograph, their love for each other shined during the session. From walking along the town to cuddling up in a barn, we can’t thank Angela & Jason enough for all the fun! We are also happy to not encounter any rattlesnakes or cacti during  the session, haha. Enjoy!

Las Vegas Engagement_0001Las Vegas Engagement_0002Las Vegas Engagement_0003Las Vegas Engagement_0004Las Vegas Engagement_0005Las Vegas Engagement_0006Las Vegas Engagement_0007Las Vegas Engagement_0008Las Vegas Engagement_0010Las Vegas Engagement_0009Las Vegas Engagement_0011Las Vegas Engagement_0012Las Vegas Engagement_0013Las Vegas Engagement_0014Las Vegas Engagement_0015Las Vegas Engagement_0016Las Vegas Engagement_0017Las Vegas Engagement_0018Las Vegas Engagement_0019Las Vegas Engagement_0020Las Vegas Engagement_0021Las Vegas Engagement_0022Las Vegas Engagement_0023Las Vegas Engagement_0024Las Vegas Engagement_0025Las Vegas Engagement_0026Las Vegas Engagement_0027Las Vegas Engagement_0028Las Vegas Engagement_0029Las Vegas Engagement_0030Las Vegas Engagement_0031Las Vegas Engagement_0032Las Vegas Engagement_0033


We’ve already had great deal happen this year between us preparing to move to Traverse City and a jam packed wedding session. During one of the many road trips to a recent wedding Alex mentioned, “Did you know that all big things in our relationship happen every 6 years?”

I thought about it for a moment and he is totally right. Our first big moment was 6 years into our relationship when we say I DO during our intimate wedding ceremony on Mackinac Island. Our next big moment is this year, as we celebrate our 6 years of marriage (12 years of being together) we are happy to also announce that we are HAVING A BABY!

It’s hard to believe still, but it’s really happening! Our little baby bird will be making its way into the world as of December this year. This perfectly works out with the weddings we have schedule, but we also hired a couple amazing assistants on to help out.

We are excited to start nesting once we move to Traverse City this fall and will keep you updated as we get further along. Who knows what the next big thing in 6 years is going to be, until then we will soak up every moment of this year!

P.S. Huge thank you to Emma at -et images for the beautiful photos! We truly appreciate it!



Sara & Ryan’s engagement session was a dream to photograph; fantastic couple, great locations, and perfectly coordinate outfits! We met up with them near their cabin on Highway 13. The green trees had the most beautiful canopy of light coming through and was worth all the bug bites during our short time there. Next it was off to their cabin along the lake with their dog Doopy. We were graced with the perfect overcast skies for their lakeside session! We could have photographed along the shores all day long, but Sara & Ryan brought us to a couple other fantastic locations nearby. We can’t thank Sara & Ryan enough for this session, we laughed out loud and captured some of the most breathtaking engagement pictures thanks to them! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Forest Engagement_0001Forest Engagement_0002Forest Engagement_0003Forest Engagement_0004Forest Engagement_0005Forest Engagement_0006Forest Engagement_0007Forest Engagement_0008
Forest Engagement_0010Forest Engagement_0011Forest Engagement_0012Forest Engagement_0013Forest Engagement_0014Forest Engagement_0015Forest Engagement_0016Forest Engagement_0017Forest Engagement_0018Forest Engagement_0019Forest Engagement_0021Forest Engagement_0020Forest Engagement_0022Forest Engagement_0023Forest Engagement_0024Forest Engagement_0025Forest Engagement_0026Forest Engagement_0027Forest Engagement_0028Forest Engagement_0029Forest Engagement_0030Forest Engagement_0031Forest Engagement_0032Forest Engagement_0033Forest Engagement_0034Forest Engagement_0036Forest Engagement_0035Forest Engagement_0037Forest Engagement_0038Forest Engagement_0039Forest Engagement_0040Forest Engagement_0041Forest Engagement_0042Forest Engagement_0043Forest Engagement_0044Forest Engagement_0045Forest Engagement_0046Forest Engagement_0050Forest Engagement_0047Forest Engagement_0048Forest Engagement_0052Forest Engagement_0051Forest Engagement_0049Forest Engagement_0053

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