From the snowy streets to the sparkly tablecloths, this Marquette winter wedding had all the details in place. Brianne and Michael both started their date by getting ready at the Landmark Inn. The gift of bridesmaid’s robes and groomsmen’s personalized whiskey bottles were truly a hit! After the finished getting ready Brianne & Michael opted to do a reveal, also known as a first look, to allow for more time with their wedding party and guests. Once at the cathedral the ceremony began and Brianne’s mother walked her down the aisle. The cathedral was decorated beautifully in greenery, poinsettias,  and lights that warmed the overlook of the church. Afterwards the bridal party gathered near the Ore Dock for photos. Normally the winds whip off of Lake Superior, however that day we were blessed with the perfect weather. We even had time to play in Marquette’s Children Museum which is very near and dear to the couple. Arriving at the reception hues of blue, white, and ivory flooded the walls of the History Museum. It truly was a photographer’s dream to photograph! Then add in a delicious dinner, a fun dancing crowd, and plenty of drinks–it was a blast for everyone involved! Congratulations to Brianne & Michael on their beautiful winter wedding and cheers to a lifetime of happiness! Enjoy!

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Getting Ready Location: Landmark Inn

Hair & Makeup: 3rd Street Day Spa and Salon

Ceremony: St. Peter Cathedral

Transportation: Check Cab/Marquette Limo

Reception: History Museum

Decorations/Floral: Knots & Kisses

Cake: Joe’s Cakes

Catering: Elizabeth’s Chop House

DJ: Taylored Weddings



The amazing crew at Stucko’s Pub & Grill decided to gift the owners with a Date Night package from us. It included a mini portrait session and dinner at Capers in the historic Landmark Inn. We had a blast capturing their personalities and their laughter was contagious. Their adorable daughter definitely stole the show! With her many funny faces and goofy persona she could be a cartoon character. Thanks again to the Stucko’s and their crew for all the fun. Enjoy!



Most times people think they need a reason to have a portrait session, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We offer a Date Night package that includes a mini photo session and dinner for two. It is the perfect option for those not married, married for many years, or those that want an updated photo along with a delicious dinner. Most recently we photographed this fun couple who was gifted a Date Night Session. Their smiles and laughter were contagious. We truly loved photographing these two. Enjoy!

Marquette Date_0001Marquette Date_0002Marquette Date_0003Marquette Date_0004Marquette Date_0005Marquette Date_0006


If there is one thing missing in professional photography it’s the last step. That last step can be canvases, albums, prints, or so on–but something tangible to hold onto after it’s all said and done. Ask your grandparents about their wedding and they will pull out a beautiful album and frames of their wedding. It’s wonderful to be able to touch and see a wedding–instead of looking through hundreds of images on a computer screen.

In the digital era it’s too easy just to shoot and burn a cd. Trust us, we used to be those photographers. We thought not only was it easier for us to do (lazy way of doing it), but it was also want the clients wanted. Or so we thought.

Fast forward a few years into our new structure of doing weddings, which include a gorgeous wedding album. We’ve met with past clients and asked them what they’ve done with the cd of images. Most clients have printed a few 5×7 images, but not a single person has ordered an album or canvas from anywhere. Heck–we are guilty of it! We have a cd from our wedding, but also purchased our album. Thank goodness we did because we’ve done nothing with the cd!

We’ve heard many questions, concerns, and comments about not including a cd–so below we’ve shared a few.

“But what about sharing images online?” We provide a private online gallery that clients can not only share with their friends and family, but also order beautiful and inexpensive prints from. Plus we blog and post to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

“But I want to print the images myself.” Our clients are able to print right from the online gallery and have it shipped directly to their door. They don’t have to worry about ordering cheap prints that will fade within a short period of time. Also the cheaper prints tend to have the color off during the printing process.

“But I want to have all the images.” We thought the same thing, but we’ve done nothing with our cd even though we have access to it all day long. Instead when we want to relive our wedding we grab our album from the entertainment center.

“But I want all my images to look through later on.” We do offer CDs and USBs for our clients looking to archive their images or storing them in a safe. Just remember our clients are still receiving their album first. Think of it as their first heirloom in their marriage.

After the wedding is all said and done the album is what clients refer to the most to relive the specials moments from the wedding. If someone ask the bride about what dress she wore on wedding day the bride isn’t going to grab her dress from the closet but instead pull out the album full of images.

The album is the story teller of the day. It evokes emotion and has the images that help convey the feeling and details of the day. Rather than the ‘digital shoebox’ of images on a cd.

Our biggest goal with every blog post is to educate and inform clients not only from a photography standpoint but also a former bride and groom. We remember all that goes into planning a wedding and everything that follows. We also know how much we adore looking through our wedding album and sharing that with others!

We hope this helps brides-to-be and other photographers move in the right direction! Below is an example of the beautiful album included with our wedding collections. Enjoy! 2Wedding Album Description

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