I remember reaching out to my dear friend Holly Nylund shortly after I found out I was pregnant. I not only wanted to tell her about the pregnancy, but also ask her about capturing our maternity photos. Holly is an amazing talented photographer based in Escanaba, MI, she typically specializes in senior portraits but also takes on a few special requests now and then.  I’ve had the joy of being friends with her for 20+ years now. She’s known me through all the awkward stages of growing up, the adventure years after high school, and we even opened our businesses around the same time. I feel so lucky to have a friend like her in my life and that is why it was even more special that she was the one to capture our maternity portraits.

Going into the session I knew I wanted a ‘wow factor’ dress to wear. I found this gorgeous berry colored dress on Rent The Runaway and I could not be more pleased with how it fit and the way I felt in it. Using the website was a breeze and they shipped out two dresses, to make sure that one dress fit perfectly. They sizes were spot on and the real customer reviews helped out tremendously. The best part was that after it was all said and done I just stuffed the dresses and in the pre-stamped bag and shipped them off, no dry cleaning involved or anything. I highly recommend this fantastic company!

One of the highlights from the day of the session was getting my makeup done by the brilliant Scotti Oja! I’ve had my makeup done professionally before, but this was a real treat. Her home studio in Marquette was beautiful, relaxing, and had a glitter wall (need I say more). She has a knack for makeup that not only looks flawless, but that is subtly dramatic. It’s no wonder why so many of our bride’s have hired her to do their wedding makeup! Walking out of her studio I felt so beautiful and was ready to take on the day, I can’t thank her enough for her talent and professionalism.

We were lucky enough to have beautiful light near the golden hour of sunset, we let Holly pick the location (which was perfect). She did fantastic at guiding us through the session–especially since Alex and I are completely awkward in front of the camera and tend to ham it up a little to much. We love how Holly captured not only the love we have for our daughter, but the love we have for each other. We couldn’t stop smiling after the session and after viewing these photos! Huge thanks again to Holly!

Now it’s time to finish prepping for our daughter who will be making her way into the world in December. We are so beyond excited to meet her and can’t wait to show her these photos one day. We will forever cherish these maternity portraits.

Maternity Photos_0002Maternity Photos_0001Maternity Photos_0003Maternity Photos_0004

This is how Alex gives our baby girl a high five, haha.

Maternity Photos_0005Maternity Photos_0006Maternity Photos_0007Maternity Photos_0008Maternity Photos_0009

The next few photos are just us being us–because life is too short not to have a dance off.

Maternity Photos_0010Maternity Photos_0011Maternity Photos_0012Maternity Photos_0013

Never a dull moment with this guy around, he is such a ham!

Maternity Photos_0014

This handsome fella has been my rock through this all, I feel so lucky to have him in my life!

Maternity Photos_0015Maternity Photos_0017Maternity Photos_0016Maternity Photos_0018Maternity Photos_0019Maternity Photos_0020Maternity Photos_0021Maternity Photos_0022Maternity Photos_0023Maternity Photos_0024Maternity Photos_0025Maternity Photos_0026Maternity Photos_0027


After doing Tricia and Brad’s Traverse City engagement pictures in the morning we want to do more sessions in the morning hours! The early morning sunlight was flooding onto East Bay Park, where we started their engagement portraits. The mix of the cool blue waters with the warm fall colors provided an incredible backdrop for Tricia and Brad’s session. Brad looked sharp in his navy shirt and Tricia wowed in her patterned dress and necklace, together they looked amazing. We loved photographing on the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan, the fall air was unseasonable warm but it was wonderful. We were having an amazing time photographing these two lovebirds–and then we found the most amazing little spot with the perfect backlight and calm waters for reflection. Not only are they some of our favorite images from the session, but they are also some of our new favorites period. After we wrapped up at the beach we drove to nearby to a part of Northwestern Michigan College. We adored the rows of tall tress with their tops in peak fall colors. We took advantage of that view as you’ll be able to see in the images below. Lastly, Tricia’s run and jump into Brad’s arm made for amazing photos and quite the amount of laughter. These two truly rocked out their entire engagement session. Thanks again Brad & Tricia for all the fun around Traverse City! Enjoy!

Traverse City Photographer_0001Traverse City Photographer_0002Traverse City Photographer_0003Traverse City Photographer_0004Traverse City Photographer_0005Traverse City Photographer_0006Traverse City Photographer_0007Traverse City Photographer_0008Traverse City Photographer_0009Traverse City Photographer_0010Traverse City Photographer_0011Traverse City Photographer_0012Traverse City Photographer_0013

Love turns your world upside down. That’s exactly the reason we decided to flip this image around as well. The reflection is as beautiful as the reality.

Traverse City Photographer_0014Traverse City Photographer_0015Traverse City Photographer_0016Traverse City Photographer_0017

A million times YES to the image below. Thank you early morning for providing the perfect backlight!

Traverse City Photographer_0018Traverse City Photographer_0019Traverse City Photographer_0020Traverse City Photographer_0021Traverse City Photographer_0022Traverse City Photographer_0023Traverse City Photographer_0024Traverse City Photographer_0025Traverse City Photographer_0026Traverse City Photographer_0028Traverse City Photographer_0027Traverse City Photographer_0029Traverse City Photographer_0030Traverse City Photographer_0031Traverse City Photographer_0032Traverse City Photographer_0033Traverse City Photographer_0034Traverse City Photographer_0035Traverse City Photographer_0036Traverse City Photographer_0037Traverse City Photographer_0038Traverse City Photographer_0039Traverse City Photographer_0040Traverse City Photographer_0041Traverse City Photographer_0042


On a cold fall day in Traverse City Ashley & Jake met up with us for their engagement session. They wanted a session to show off their love and how much they adored the fall. This session nailed it with all the fall details; a farmers market, hot apple cider to sip on, warm donuts, a pumpkin patch, corn fields, and an empty orchard. As if all those elements didn’t already scream fall in Northern Michigan it also had a few moments of snow coming down during their engagement session. Gallagher’s Farm in Traverse City was beyond accommodating and welcoming, plus their location was absolute perfection for the style of Ashely & Jake’s engagement session. I know we loved exploring the grounds and utilizing all that it had to offer. Big thanks again to Ashley & Jake for allowing us to capture your fall engagement session in Traverse City, the cold was totally worth it! Enjoy!

Traverse City Fall Engagement_0001Traverse City Fall Engagement_0002Traverse City Fall Engagement_0003Traverse City Fall Engagement_0004Traverse City Fall Engagement_0005Traverse City Fall Engagement_0006Traverse City Fall Engagement_0008Traverse City Fall Engagement_0007Traverse City Fall Engagement_0009Traverse City Fall Engagement_0010Traverse City Fall Engagement_0011Traverse City Fall Engagement_0012Traverse City Fall Engagement_0013Traverse City Fall Engagement_0014Traverse City Fall Engagement_0015Traverse City Fall Engagement_0016Traverse City Fall Engagement_0017Traverse City Fall Engagement_0018Traverse City Fall Engagement_0019Traverse City Fall Engagement_0020Traverse City Fall Engagement_0021Traverse City Fall Engagement_0022Traverse City Fall Engagement_0023Traverse City Fall Engagement_0024Traverse City Fall Engagement_0025Traverse City Fall Engagement_0026Traverse City Fall Engagement_0027Traverse City Fall Engagement_0028Traverse City Fall Engagement_0029Traverse City Fall Engagement_0030Traverse City Fall Engagement_0031Traverse City Fall Engagement_0032Traverse City Fall Engagement_0033Traverse City Fall Engagement_0034Traverse City Fall Engagement_0035Traverse City Fall Engagement_0036Traverse City Fall Engagement_0037Traverse City Fall Engagement_0038Traverse City Fall Engagement_0039Traverse City Fall Engagement_0040Traverse City Fall Engagement_0041Traverse City Fall Engagement_0042Traverse City Fall Engagement_0043Traverse City Fall Engagement_0044Traverse City Fall Engagement_0045Traverse City Fall Engagement_0046Traverse City Fall Engagement_0047Traverse City Fall Engagement_0048Traverse City Fall Engagement_0049Traverse City Fall Engagement_0050Traverse City Fall Engagement_0051Traverse City Fall Engagement_0052Traverse City Fall Engagement_0053Traverse City Fall Engagement_0054Traverse City Fall Engagement_0055Traverse City Fall Engagement_0056Traverse City Fall Engagement_0057Traverse City Fall Engagement_0058

Since they wanted to showcase their favorite teams we asked them to show us what it is really like at their home when the Packers play the Lions . Ashely’s face says it all, haha.

Traverse City Fall Engagement_0059


It’s hard to believe that these adorable twins are already a year old! We had the honor of photographing their newborn photos in Chicago last year, you can see more from that by clicking here. This year the twins started their session in the Halloween costumes, Adalyn was an owl and Peyton was a penguin–how cute is that?! Afterwards a wardrobe change we snapped some individuals of each of them as well as them together for their cake smash. They loved getting their hands into the cake! Later that evening we also snapped some photos of Sam (the twin’s mom) who unexpectedly found out that she was pregnant with a baby boy at around 20 weeks. She was surprised, but excited to have another addition to their fantastic family. Congrats to Sam and her entire family on the twin’s first year and baby boy expected to be here early December. We couldn’t not be happier for you all! Enjoy!

Twin First Year Pictures_0001Twin First Year Pictures_0002Twin First Year Pictures_0003Twin First Year Pictures_0004Twin First Year Pictures_0005Twin First Year Pictures_0006Twin First Year Pictures_0007Twin First Year Pictures_0008Twin First Year Pictures_0009Twin First Year Pictures_0010Twin First Year Pictures_0011Twin First Year Pictures_0012Twin First Year Pictures_0013Twin First Year Pictures_0014Twin First Year Pictures_0015

Twin First Year Pictures_0016Twin First Year Pictures_0017Twin First Year Pictures_0018Twin First Year Pictures_0019

It’s pretty amazing to be pregnant at the same time as my best friend–so of course we had Alex snap a few photos of us.

Twin First Year Pictures_0020


We had a wonderful time photographing Kyle & Melissa’s fall wedding on Presque Isle in Marquette. The day started by Melissa and her bridesmaids getting ready at the Ramada Inn. Shortly after Melissa was in her beautiful dress she did a first look/reveal with her father. His tears of joy and happiness were absolutely wonderful to capture. Next Melissa went off to join up with her soon to be husband for their own first look on Presque Isle. The first look/reveals are always our favorite because it’s like getting a bonus the day of the wedding–along with having more time with family and friends at the reception. The woodsy trail that they did their photos at also provided a bit of shelter from the wind blowing off of Lake Superior. Once we were done with photos in the woods with them they opted to go along the shore line because the swells and waves on the water were absolutely magnificent! The cold winds were not going to stop them from fully utilizing the location. Once back at the ceremony location it was time for them to get married and even though they had the first look Kyle still get a little emotionally to see his gorgeous bride walking down the isle. Their reception was held at the History Museum in downtown Marquette. We love it’s clean look, the two stories, and the beautiful views that location provides. It was a night of dining, dancing, and having an all around great time. Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Coolman on their wonderful wedding! Enjoy!

Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0001Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0002Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0003Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0004Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0005Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0006Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0007Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0008Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0009Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0010Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0011Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0012Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0013Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0014Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0015Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0016Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0017Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0018Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0019Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0020Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0021Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0022Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0023Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0024Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0025Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0026Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0027Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0028Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0029Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0030Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0031Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0032Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0033Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0034Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0035Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0036Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0037Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0038Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0039Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0040Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0041Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0042Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0043Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0044Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0045Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0046Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0047Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0048Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0049Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0050Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0051Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0052Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0053Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0054Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0055Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0056Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0057Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0058Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0059Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0060Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0061Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0062
Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0064Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0063Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0065Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0066Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0067Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0068Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0069Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0070Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0071Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0072Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0073Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0074Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0075Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0076Presque Isle Fall Wedding_0077

Ceremony: Presque Isle Pavillion

Reception: Marquette History Museum

Decorator: Nicole at Knots & Kisses

DJ: Double Trouble DJ’s

Caterer: Mama Russos

S e a r c h
S o c i a l